Chi-Ryu JiujitsuThe way of energy through gentle technique

A Martial Art Based Upon Unbroken Motion

Chi-Ryu Jiujitsu is a martial art that fully realizes the circular bond of mind, body, and breath (the 3 pillars of Chi-Ryu Jiujitsu), and how each of these elements affects the other. Excercises and forms of Chi-Ryu Jiujitsu take advantage of this bond through the concept of "unbroken motion".

Chi-Ryu-Jiujitsu Preparation

Special exercises, such as MiXXiNG are practiced in order to engage in Chi-Ryu Jiujitsu. These exercises are based around fundamental aspects of the Chi-Ryu Jiujitsu martial art, most noteably "unbroken motion".

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Executing Chi-Ryu Jiujitsu

The martial art of Chi-Ryu Jiujitsu consists of self-defense techniques derived from "forms". These forms each masterfully manipulate one or more of the 3 Pillars of Chi-Ryu Jiujitsu in order to control one's attacker.

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